Hotroots 2014
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Hot Roots is an event sponsored by local restaurants, a selection of local organizations and individual volunteers in Oshawa. Our goal is to celebrate Black History and our community's diversity with locally grown, healthful food. We thrive on bringing people together and making opportunities happen.

HotRoots SOUPS! Feb 7-13, 2014
Downtown Oshawa! Four special, veg-friendly restaurants near Simcoe and King are making hearty soups from locally grown vegetables with Afro-Caribbean recipes from February 7th to February 13th, from 11:30a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Enjoy HotRoots soups at:
... Berry Hill
... Spicy Affairs
... The Table
... Yola's
... and at City Hall too!

HotRoots is sponsored by DurhamVeg, the Toronto Vegetarian Association and the City of Oshawa. HotRoots was launched at an evening performance at The Table Restaurant on Thursday, Feb 6th at 6:30p.m. Photos were taken by the BIA photographer, Angela Mittoni.

Aku Dunyo and the Desiandanyo Group
The Desiadenyo Culture Group (Aku Dunyo, left).

Pres of MCOD addressing group
Larry Johanson, President of MCOD speaking (left).

Councillor Bob Chapman
Councillor Bob Chapman, welcoming everyone to HotRoots.

MCOD Board members and City Councillors
Councillor Bob Chapman (left), Vermont Cleghorne, Board Member of MCOD (centre) and
performer with Desiadenyo.

MCOD, The Table, City Councillors and DurhamVeg
(From left to right) Larry Johanson, President of the Multiculutral Council of Oshawa-Durham, Carol of The Table, Councillor Bob Chapman, Sally of DurhamVeg and Councillor Doug Sanders.

HotRoots setup by Spicy Affairs
HotRoots setup by Spicy Affairs, photo by DurhamVeg volunteer, Nara.

Our HotRoots Soups photographer will be dropping-in on the various locations to taste soup and capture reactions.
More to come!

You can win a prize!
If you try any of the soups during the festival, you can submit a postcard with your name and contact information and you may win a prize!

Welcome our farmers to downtown...
We acquired locally grown pumpkin for this event since pumpkin is a major ingredient in Afro-Caribbean-inspired cuisine.

Why Hot Roots? "Roots" can mean many things:
dot A root can also mean "the beginning" or the essential element, the origin or the main component of meaning in a word.
dot A root can be part of a hair or tooth, or a nerve.
dot Roots can mean your family tree, "your roots" or ancestry.
dot In languages, a root signifies the main part or original meaning in a word.
dot In music, a root is a note from which a chord is built.
dot In mathematics, a root has special numeric qualities.
dot To root, can mean to dig or rummage for something, as in getting to the root of the problem.

Twisted More about roots...
Root vegetables, as shown here, look a lot like humans, don't they? They come in many shapes and sizes and colours. They can be straight and narrow, chubby and twisted, round and sometimes babyish. Like humans, they have a long history during which some varieties have been repressed almost to extinction.

Twisted Winter root vegetables also remind us of our climate and what it takes to survive.
Latest Updates:

Hot Roots Festival was launched on Feb 6, 2014!

Participating restaurants:
Berry Hill
Spicy Affairs
The Table

Toronto Vegetarian Association
City of Oshawa
Creative Carrot
Oshawa BIA
The Table

Hot Roots also refers to celebrating our heritage, whatever that may be. The hearty root vegetables migrated to North America the way our ancesters did, whether they came across an ice bridge thousands of years ago, or over an ocean more recently by plane.
farmer's hat Hot Roots remind us of our local farmers. If we were more supportive of our local farmers, we could make contribution to fighting global warming by: (1) reducing the amount of transportation and refridgeration required to transport food over long distances; (2) consuming foods which do not create waste products such as methane; (3) consuming foods which thrive in our climate and therefore require less water.

globe This all means that we can eat healthfully and celebrate while helping our local farmers and thwarting global warming.

What's Next?
"Hot Roots" will continue to plan events to connect the sectors of our changing community.